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Certified RAID 0 Data Recovery Services in Canada

RAID 0 failures can result in serious data loss, and Secure Data Recovery Services provides a full set of solutions for all striped sets. We provide multiple service options and risk-free standard diagnostics, and our expert RAID recovery engineers can safely treat virtually any failure scenario to restore your system to a fully functional condition.

Raid 0 Recovery

Due to the limitations of RAID 0, a single hard drive failure can cause data loss.

RAID 0 is a striped set of drives. Data is written across every drive in the array in "stripes," which the computer can then reconstruct into usable information when prompted. All of the hard drives essentially act as a single unit, and because the computer writes data to several hard drives at the same time, RAID 0 provides exceptionally fast access speeds. This makes it an excellent choice for high-intensity applications.

It is important to understand that RAID 0 is not technically a form of RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks), as it does not provide true redundancy. If a single hard drive fails, the array loses data. Because of this, RAID 0 owners need to regularly back up their systems in order to avoid sudden disasters due to hard drive failures and other issues.

Some of the most common failure scenarios for RAID 0 arrays include:

  • Hard Drive Failures
  • Electronic Damage and Controller Card Damage
  • Accidental File Deletion
  • File Corruption and Virus Damage

By repairing damaged media and restoring lost or corrupt files, Secure Data Recovery Services provides an exceptional resource for RAID 0 owners. Our teams can quickly analyze your media and help you choose an appropriate course of action after a disaster, limiting your system downtime while controlling your expenses. Contact us today to start a new RAID 0 data recovery case.

Dedicated Technology for RAID 0 Data Recovery and Repair

Our engineers can repair damaged RAID members by working in a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, a dedicated environment created specifically for data recovery. By working in a Cleanroom, we ensure the best possible results for our clients, and we can often repair damaged RAID 0 drives in a matter of hours under our emergency service.

After repairing damaged media, we make complete copies of all of the hard drives in your array. This allows our engineers to safely treat file corruption and other issues without putting your original hard drives at risk. We can return data on another set of disks, via secure FTP or through several other return media options.

Secure Data Recovery Services also offers comprehensive repair options for all multi-drive systems. Our server repair services help to restore your hardware, significantly reducing your downtime following your RAID failure. By restoring your RAID 0 to a fully functional condition, you can control your losses while still maintaining full control over your data following a failure event.

Steps to Take After a RAID 0 Failure

If your RAID 0 shows signs of a hard drive failure or if you cannot access your files normally for any reason, you should immediately shut down your array. Do not attempt to restore the array by replacing hard drives.

Secure Data Recovery Services' RAID engineers can perform a risk-free standard evaluation to provide you with a turnaround estimate and price quote. By contacting our team as soon as possible, you can ensure the best possible treatment for your striped array.

More reasons to use Secure Data Recovery Services:

  • SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type II & SOC 3 Certified Security
  • Online Case Monitoring Resources
  • Same-Day Emergency RAID Services
  • Free Standard RAID Data Recovery Diagnostics
  • Knowledgeable Customer Support Team Available 24/7
  • No Recovery, No Service Fee Guarantee

When you cannot read data from a RAID 0, you need fast support from an industry-leading team of server recovery engineers. Secure Data Recovery Services specializes in RAID repair, and with multiple offices across Canada, we offer an excellent set of options. All of our services feature the same exceptional security credentials and an overall success rate of 96 percent. Call us today at 1-800-705-3701 to set up a free evaluation or for more information regarding our RAID 0 data recovery service.

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