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Dedicated Hard Drive Data Recovery Services for Canada

Secure Data Recovery Services offers data loss solutions for all types of hard drives. By utilizing next-generation technology, our engineers can rebuild damaged read/write heads and other internal HDD components, temporarily restoring your hard drive to a working condition. We can also treat logical issues including file corruption and accidental deletion, and we protect every case with a full no recovery, no service charge guarantee.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Our engineers can restore many damaged hard drives in less than 24 hours under our emergency service option.

Hard disk drives contain a number of fast-moving components, and over time, all mechanical parts will gradually wear down. As a result, most computer users eventually encounter a hard drive failure. Unfortunately, hard drive failures can occur without warning, leaving you without access to important files.

As a leader in the hard drive data recovery industry, we maintain an advanced laboratory with state-of-the-art repair tools. Secure Data Recovery Services' engineers can treat any hard drive failure, often returning essential data within several days. We offer free standard diagnostics for all of our clients, and with multiple offices throughout Canada, we provide an efficient and secure resource.

We also offer options for HDD-based devices. Our server repair service lets you avoid downtime after RAID failures, and with options for data tape repair, flash drive recovery and much more, Secure Data Recovery Services provides a complete set of solutions for computer users. Contact our customer service team for more information or read a detailed description of our hard drive data recovery service below.

An Efficient Way to Recover Lost Data from Any Hard Drive

Our case process is efficient, secure and safe thanks to our best-in-class technology. When we receive your hard drive, we will evaluate damage in our certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, a controlled environment that prevents airborne particles from coming into contact with sensitive hard drive components. After identifying damaged components, we will provide a price quote and turnaround estimate. We begin working on your hard drive after receiving your approval.

Our engineers repair or replace damaged components in our Cleanroom before making a complete copy of your drive with specialized equipment. By performing software-based repairs on this copy, we maintain the integrity of your original media, preventing any chance of additional damage during our process.

We can treat all types of hard drives and HDD-based devices including:

  • 3.5-Inch Desktop Hard Drives
  • 2.5-Inch Laptop Hard Drives
  • All Types of RAID Arrays
  • Solid-State Drives and Hybrid Drives
  • Microdrives, Legacy Hard Drives and More

Secure Data Recovery Services provides several turnaround options. Our 24/7/365 service has an average completion time of less than a day. Regardless of turnaround level, we protect all cases with the industry's best security protocols, and as the first provider with a SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type II & SOC 3 certification, we offer dependable protection for sensitive data throughout the course of our process.

Steps to Take When a Hard Drive Fails

Data loss events can occur within a matter of minutes, and due to the high speed of the various internal components in a modern hard disk drive, you risk serious damage by operating your device after it fails. Permanent media issues can occur within seconds in some cases.

To improve your chances of a successful recovery, turn your hard drive off as soon as you notice any failure symptoms and keep your computer completely powered down. Do not attempt to open your hard drive. This can contribute to the damage and lower your chances of a complete recovery.

Some of the failure symptoms that often accompany hard drive failures:

  • Clicking, Grinding, Beeping, or Whirring Noises
  • Smell of Burning Electronics
  • Visible Signs of Overheating
  • Disappearing Files and Folders
  • Operating System Failure
  • Slow or Infrequent Operation

Contact the hard drive data recovery experts at Secure Data Recovery Services as soon as possible to discuss your options. We offer risk-free standard media evaluations for all hard drives regardless of size, brand, operating system or other factors, and our teams are trained to treat all failure scenarios. With Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom technology, excellent security and a stellar 96 percent success rate, Secure Data Recovery Services provides the best resource for hard drive repair and recovery. Call 1-800-705-3701 to get started or for more information.

Customer Reviews (6)

Average Rating:

This service was rated 4.8 out of 5.0 based on 6 review(s)

  • Reviewed on Dec 4 2018  |  Cedar Creek, TX

    Easy, Fast, Friendly!

    I cannot say enough good about these guys. Mitchell was super nice, understood my concerns, and took care of my data from step one! I figured that locating someone to recover data would be a pain and super expensive, but these guys made it so easy, I will not stress over it again! VERY much recommend them!

  • Reviewed on Nov 16 2018  |  Toronto, ON


    When I realized that the laptop and my external hard drive were broken and that every single place I visited gave me a negative answer, I was desperate because the files represent my whole life.
    I visited SDR in Eaton and immediately I call customer service. Jeff responded my call and guided quickly me through the whole process of recovery. He had always all the information I needed and tried always to give me the best option for cost.
    I was over stressed and he was always calm and secure that all my requests were addressed. I would like to recommend him. He will make sure that you get all the responses and information you need, transferring confidence in such stressful moment.
    Thanks for that.

  • Reviewed on Jun 7 2017  |  Anaheim, CA

    I recommend Secure Data Recovery Services

    Secure Data Recovery Services successfully recovered the data from two hard drives for us. Everyone I dealt with was very professional and very thorough, especially Mitchell Moore. Their prices were competitive. The turnaround time was not extremely fast, but I'm sure it's because we did not pay for expedited service. I recommend Secure Data Recovery Services to anyone needing data recovery.

    Clay Godfrey
    RSI Home Products
    Anaheim, CA

  • Reviewed on Oct 30 2016  |  Graham, WA

    Saved years of memories

    I was devasted to learn my external hard drive had crashed. My local computer store refered me to SDS and there was hope again. I called and got Alec, who explained the process and they even send a pre-paid shipping label. He kept in touch with me on the progress of the recovery and the price quoted was exactly what it ended up being. I was happy to get all my memories back and I'd like to personally thank Alec for all the help he was to me. I'd use them again...but I just hope I don't have to!!

  • Reviewed on Oct 21 2016  |  Lethbridge, Alberta

    Real Solutions, Real Results

    As an IT professional, I appreciate quality services that deliver real results regardless of being for a business or an individual. In this case, a personal hard drive had failed and every effort had been made to recover the memories collected over years. While there was too much damage to recover that precious data, the experience of dealing with Alec made a dire situation manageable, and the professionalism conveyed over the entire process was much appreciated.

    There is no question that when real solutions are needed, Secure Data Recovery is the go-to provider that offers the best experience and technical abilities that delivers results. I hope to never need their services in the future, but there is no question that my first call will be to these guys. Thanks for all the help!

  • Reviewed on Apr 22 2015  |  Toronto, Ontario

    Great customer service

    While I inevitably opted not to move forward with recovery, Secure Data Recovery was extremely accommodating given my personal situation: a failed drive with personal photos that unfortunately required open-heart surgery. Mitchell was able to provide me with a pricing option that was reasonable and respected the difference between an individual who has some bad luck with data and an enterprise that can afford B2B services. Thanks guys :)

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