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If you know the manufacturer please provide it in this field. If unknown you may leave it blank. Examples would be "Hewlett Packard", "Dell", "Microsoft", etc.
A make or model for your media can be beneficial to our recovery technicians, however if you are unsure of the make/model, you may leave it blank.
If applicable please provide the operating system for your device to assist our technicians with analyzing your case. If non-applicable, you may leave it blank
If your trouble media is a storage device, please provide the maximum capacity for the device. An example would be "100 Gb" for a 100 Gigabyte hard drive.
Please explain your data loss situation
In your own words please explain the problems you are experiencing with your troubled device as well as the circumstances that lead up to the failure or data loss.

It would also be beneficial if you could outline what recovery attempts have been made previously on the device as well as a list of specific files and/or folders that you consider to be the most important ones to recover.
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