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Data Recovery Services in British Columbia, Canada

With a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom and a distinguished list of security credentials, Secure Data Recovery Services provides data loss solutions for the province of British Columbia. We operate an office in Vancouver, and our hard drive data recovery services feature free standard diagnostics and a no recovery, no fee guarantee.

Secure Data Recovery Services
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As the sixth province of Canada, British Columbia has a strong economy largely supported by its substantial natural resources. Vancouver is easily its largest city, and we offer fast response times for clients throughout Western Canada through our local office.

Featured Services

Regardless of your media type or the cause of data loss, our British Columbia location offers a range of services to quickly recover your files. See some of our featured data recovery services below.

Our teams can successfully recover data from any type of digital storage device, regardless of the operating system or the conditions of the failure.

Some of the benefits of our British Columbia data recovery office include:

  • Service Options Including 24/7/365 Emergency Recovery
  • Reliable Services for Every Media Format
  • Free Diagnostics for Standard Cases
  • Industry-Leading Technology and a 97 Percent Success Rate

Our diagnostics give computer users in British Columbia a simple, effective way to assess the costs of any data recovery project. By analyzing your media in a controlled laboratory with specialized tools, Secure Data Recovery Services can determine a price quote and turnaround estimate. If you approve the costs, we use state-of-the-art technology to provide you with fast results. Call our customer service team today to get started.

Certified Technology for British Columbia Data Recovery

Data recovery requires extensive investments, and Secure Data Recovery Services has consistently led the industry in research and new technology development. We were the first British Columbia data recovery company to earn a Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom certification, which demonstrates our commitment to strictly controlled laboratory standards. Our Cleanroom provides superior protection throughout hard drive repair procedures and other intensive processes.

We also equip our facilities for RAID data recovery, data tape recovery and other advanced services. Our specialists can repair device firmware and restore corrupt files, sometimes in a matter of days, and we are one of the only British Columbia data recovery companies with true 24/7/365 emergency services. Whether you need to quickly recover files from a damaged personal computer or you need to completely restore dozens of tape cartridges, Secure Data Recovery Services gives you a comprehensive set of professional solutions.

Security is always a crucial factor for businesses in British Columbia. We operate using SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type II & SOC 3 certified procedures, and our facilities are certified as fully compliant under various standards and IT privacy laws. We operate Better Business Bureau certified offices throughout Canada and the United States. Most importantly, we post all of our credentials and certifications online for easy review.

What to Do When a Digital Storage Device is Inaccessible

When a hard drive fails or a RAID array stops operating as expected, it is important to limit damage by taking appropriate actions. You should seek immediate assistance from a data recovery professional.

We recommend taking the following steps to improve your chances of a full data recovery:

  • Turn Off Your Computer - Keep it powered down. Never attempt to operate a damaged digital device, especially if it shows signs of physical damage.
  • Make a List of Failure Symptoms - Common failure symptoms include unusual clicking sounds, error messages and excessively slow operation. Create a complete list of failure symptoms, but do not attempt to operate your computer. This could cause additional data loss issues.
  • Set Up a Case - Secure Data Recovery Services provides free standard diagnostics for hard drives, RAID arrays and various other devices. Our teams can give you safe shipping instructions for any type of media.

Secure Data Recovery Services provides the options you need to recover from any sudden disaster. Our British Columbia data recovery office supports all device types, and we offer completely secure services for every budget. We only assess a service charge if your data is recovered, and every case benefits from our SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type II & SOC 3 certified security procedures. To set up a free evaluation or for more information, call us today at 1-800-705-3701.

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